Mentoring is Expensive in the Most Limited Currency Available: Time

Mentoring is great but learning from whoever you can is better
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You may know a spectacular professional which impresses you by their personal conduct as well.

You imagine the dialogues, the complex arguments that only wise people can share: you with your role-model.

They also seem to appreciate you and turn an interested eye towards you when you speak.

Yet, when you decide to ask the formal question of ‘let’s make it official: will you be my mentor?’, they politely refuse you.

It‘s Not You, It’s Them

Yes, those cool people, the gurus in their profession, are also people. Humans. Their clock has 24 hours a…

Movies Worth Watching

The curious mix of mystery, comedy, and fantasy will either make you wonder or laugh.

Life Wonderings after Palm Springs the movie
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I’ve seen so many fiction movies that I’m rarely deeply impressed by any. I’m not cynical, it’s just I have so little free time, that I don’t consider watching movies is worth my free time — and when I do — it must be worth it!

Let me tell you I found a movie that made me find solutions for being able to watch it.

Palm Springs, released in 2020, has already +82k reviews on IMDB and a 7.4 rating, which caught our attention to choose it for Sunday evening.

The plot, however — and the wonderful mix of mystery…

Spring is here!

Spring is here
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I haven’t waited for spring with such fervor before. Every other day during February, I would check the exact timing of sunrise and sunset, celebrating every two or three minutes extra of light. This month we’ve had freezing temperatures and it seemed like spring — an analogy with hope and a fresh start — was far, far away.

This winter was especially odd, like for all of humanity. We spent Christmas alone and this added to the feeling of being estranged. We didn’t have friends over for birthdays and ever since school started again, we only talk to grandparents by phone, to reduce their risk of being exposed to you-know-who.

But today I felt Spring is here. It was sunny and the sky had that deep blue that promises a chilly, optimistic day ahead.

Happy Spring everyone! We need some.

It pays off to do good

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Over 15 years ago, when I read ‘The Alchemist’ by Paulo Coelho, an idea sprouted in my mind that I’d been doing since childhood, but didn’t understand what I was doing.

It’s the overused (but true!) ‘Give and you shall receive’.

In my case, it’s doing minor acts of service that cost me little effort, but are valuable to the one receiving it.

In childhood, it often was… helping with homework. Helping or letting my colleagues copy from me. …


I accept that any fact has more viewpoints, and I likely get to know only one of them, at a first glance

Not double-checking information is accepting to be manipulated
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I came up with the idea for writing this because I came to realize recently how hard it has become to distinguish between trustworthy and deceptive information.

I’m referring to serious topics, such as our health, not whether Kim Kardashian is actually using Spanx instead of her own brand of shaping underwear.

The most recent striking example I found on Google was one 176-word text that claimed that the recently approved Pfizer vaccine might cause infertility in women. I couldn’t believe that this rolled out so fast on the Internet.

How I came across it? Reading comments earlier that day…

Thoughts on Education

Just because it’s intuitive, it’s not anti-rational. It’s time for us to outgrow the simplistic ‘good/bad’ labeling.

numerology as an intuitive art, using intuition as a right brain product
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I already talked about how hard it has become for us to discern between accurate and deceiving information, in the age of easily accessible Internet, when almost anybody can publish almost anything with little accountability.

This time, I focus my attention on those situations when we have a rather neutral information, presented as fair and balanced, but polarized towards ridiculing or condemning the matter exposed.

It all started with a news published a few weeks ago.

Recently, in some school district in my country, teachers received an offer from an independent provider — via school administration authority — for a…


Because, yes! We all grow older. And, hopefully, we grow wiser too.

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The thought of how drastically and unpredictably we change over time came a few days ago, as I was exchanging thoughts with Medium members on remaining loyal to ourselves, as we grow older.

Because, yes! We all grow older. And, hopefully, we grow wiser too.

I remembered how life was 10, 15 or 20 years ago, and what I perceived was important for me in my evolution, then.

I was deeply conditioned by the family and society environment. I desired and despised what I knew and was part of my upbringing.

At age 10, I wanted a computer (my parents…


Yes, you read that right.

you are the one you’re looking for
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Okay, maybe the experiences I had in my life caused me to become a little cynical.

But here it is.

My view so far is that the purpose of relationships is to help us become wiser, not happier. Especially romantic relationships.

I don’t have the possibility to ask a poll right here in this paragraph, but I invite you to comment if you like.

Question: have you, ever, in your life so far, experienced the slow burn of that exhilarating feeling, called ‘being in love’, to where you felt nothing?

I, too, lived through my Hollywood-induced fantasy that there is…

Navigating What We Don’t Know

A glimpse at my confusion navigating through deceiving information spread by high profile individuals who put their fame in service of questionable content.

questionable and controversial medical information
Image by Gino Crescoli from Pixabay

We’ve all seen clickbait titles we can sniff a mile away as being untruthful or a half-truth or something completely off-the-point title versus content. I’m not referring here to 150-word articles jammed with ads.

It’s something that worries me more.

It’s high profile individuals who put their fame in service of spreading questionable information, and what downfall that creates.

What I have in mind are doctors who mix half-truths with controversial positions on hot topics using their image of a trustworthy source to promote potentially deceiving content.

I invite you to have the most constructive debate with me on this.

The credibility builder

Bianca Zagan

Passionate about understanding the human mind. A marketer by profession, a writer at heart.

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