As an avid reader, I feel there’s always more to be discovered through reading.

Tens of thousands of pages, and I am still looking for more.

I aim to share authors I whose writing found inspiring and useful at a same in my life, and — the same way I often discover new ideas by reading on Medium — this is for those who need to see it.

At 15, I read ‘The Alchemist’ by Paolo Coelho — it was a literature class study. I (and most of the other 15-year-olds, not all passionate about reading) found it enchanting! It’s slightly philosophical, a bit mystical, very engaging, and it makes you stop and reflect. Often! I read it twice after, and it still had something to make me wonder. Wonderful for bedtime or Sunday afternoon read.

I’ll happily stumble on other reading recommendations, thanks Michelle Middleton for the inspiration!

Passionate about understanding the human mind. A marketer by profession, a writer at heart.

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