Bianca Zagan
Jan 6, 2021

Nice to have you here! Here are my favorite articles from what I’ve published on Medium

These sum up my interests, as I write about life as a woman, business professional, recovered compulsive spender, sometimes writer, student of human psychology and myth-based arts that help translate the soul’s language.

Numerology isn’t ‘Bad’: A Case for Balanced Education: Training Both Sides of Our Brain

Not Double-Checking Information is Accepting to Be Manipulated

Saturn in Pisces 2023: depression and Gen Z’s second coming of age

5 Career Mistakes I Wish Someone Had Warned Me About

How I Turned Frustration into My Ally to Help me Stop Spending

You’re THE ONE You’re Looking For

Bianca Zagan

Passionate about understanding how the irrational human mind creates our reality in 8 billion versions