The Turning Point: When Frustration Becomes Good for You

The hidden gift in every issue that’s bugging you.

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Frustration can suck energy out of your everyday life. This makes us grumpy, snap at our dear ones, be rude to strangers on the street, and get clunky with regular chores.

Total mess!

We aim to reduce frustration, right? To diffuse it with aromatherapy, talk it out with a dear friend, let it ‘vaporize’ with meditation, dance it away on our favorite beat, or whatever relaxes you.

And most of the time, we succeed.

We can continue in this state for years! And it’s positive, right? Who would want to live in a whining mood round the clock?

The problem isn’t with how well you reduce frustration, temporarily.

In fact, the question is: have we solved the core issue?

Here are some examples from my personal experience:

The eating habits that cause me bloating (appearing pregnant every day) and weight gain, are they addressed?

The compulsive shopping that causes me to live paycheck to paycheck, and lately turned into rollover, increasing debt — is this solved?

Holidays at my parents’ house — after a few hours in festive mode, I can’t help myself spark a conflict when I’m triggered by something my mother says.

For years, I’ve delved in moderate frustration and spikes of mild anger at myself, but not really solving the major problem.

Both good and bad result: the problems snowballed into huge personal issues that I could no longer ignore.

For every situation, when frustration reached a peak, I became fed up both at the problem itself and at me, for lingering in, aware for at least a decade that I need to change something — then I reached the turning point.

All the accumulated emotion somehow turned into fuel for a burning desire to change, and a lasting motivation. And there’s already research showing that this can happen for anyone, not just for me.

What I want you to take on this short read is: next time you feel like boiling with a spike of anger — don’t calm it down — find half an hour to yourself, and think: what I will do different about this nagging issue, no matter what, starting now?

The ‘how’ will come naturally, you’ll see. Once you get to that point where you feel like ‘That’s it!’ — miraculously, inspiration and solutions become obvious.

You can make frustration be good for you.

Take care!

Passionate about understanding the human mind. A marketer by profession, a writer at heart.

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